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August 8, 2010

Two August Samhain Releases: Paranormal and Romantic Suspense/Urban Fantasy

You mention Samhain and mostly readers immediately think, “Oh, smut.”  Or the more PC term, ‘romantica’.  Regardless, Samhain publishes a lots of mainstream romance,  paranormal romance, and romantic suspense, something often overlooked.  The two books I read this week were both in the mainstream class, though Isaiah’s Haven was steamy paranormal romance, Behind Blue Eyes was classic  romantic suspense with a paranormal twist bordering on urban fantasy.  Both were very good reads.

  • Title: Isaiah’s Haven
  • Author:  N. J. Walters
  • Type:  Paranormal steamy romance
  • Genre: Werewolves and hunters in Chicago; Legacy Series 2
  • Sub-genre:  Loner werewolf finds mate and her family
  • My Grade: B-  (3.7*)
  • Rating:  PG-13 to NC-17
  • Length and price:  Full novel about 80,000 words ebook for $5.50 discounts available
  • Where Available:  book available at Samhain book store online
  • FTC Disclosure:  purchased book from publisher’s website (more…)

April 2, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: Trouble in Mudbug by Jana DeLeon

I read Jana DeLeon’s first two books, Unlucky and Rumble in the Bayou, and enjoyed them, so when Trouble in Mudbug came out I bought it.  I’m glad I did.  Published by LoveSpell as a Romantic Mystery, the romantic part takes a back seat to the mystery.  In fact, through most of the first half or more of the book, Maryse Robicheaux, (A nod to mystery’s grand master James Lee Burke’s famous bayou detective Dave Robicheaux?) barely even sees Luc LeJeune, so calling it a ‘romance’ is kind of a stretch.  The ghost of Maryse’s late mother-in-law, Helene, has a bigger role than Luc, so I consider it more a paranormal cozy mystery.  Regardless of what you call it, it’s a good read.  Trouble in Mudbug is first in a series of Mudbug Ghost-in-law series.

Maryse Robicheaux and her best friend Sabine are in church for the funeral of Maryse’s mother-in-law from hell, Helene Henry, the richest woman in Mudbug but not its most loved.  Suddenly, Helene sits up in her casket and starts complaining – but no one seems to notice.  Maryse does her level best to pretend she doesn’t see her waving and yelling at people as she walks down the aisle, then faints when Helene does it to her.  That night, after assuring her friends Sabine and Mildred she’s really fine, Maryse makes a quick stop at the office.  A drop dead gorgeous stranger is sitting at HER desk!  Seems Luc LeJeune is a state zoologist on temporary assignment and will be working from the same office space.  Nosy man was trying to get into her computer ostensibly for business.  Hrumph!  She makes him feel unwelcome and leaves – being sure to close her computer down.  Damn it’s been a long day.

Marsey heads to her boat access only house out in the bayou to think about next day’s reading of Helena’s will.  Helene not exactly fond of Maryse.  For the last two years she’d been paying Helene back for the loan she needed to pay off the debtors her son Hank ran out on when he fled.  Would Helene leave her another bill?  Marsey is convinced the world’s goes mad when she sees Helene’s ghost walking on water to reach her house.  Helene claims she’s been murdered.  It’s obvious even to Mayse that Helene knows a lot more than she’s saying, but Marsey is stuck.  She wants Helene’s help finding her worthless son Hank so Maryse can finalize her damn divorce from the bum.  State law requires he be served.  Helene can’t move on till she figures out who murdered her and Maryse is the only one who sees her.  Neither is happy, but for the moment, they just might need each other. (more…)

March 11, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: Death Perception by Victoria Laurie

About two years ago I started reading the Psychic Eye mysteries written by Victoria Laurie. They start as bright, breezy, light weight mysteries; entertaining, very readable and charming, pretty much what you want in this kind of cozy. Like many readers I don’t always want to be hip deep in blood, bodies, killers or clues and I enjoy good fun fluff with a decent story. The psychic angle was a clever hook. I’d put her early works as a C+ to B- grade. Death Perception is the 6th in the series and the first where Laurie tries to get into a meatier, more complex mystery plot.

Abby Cooper is a psychic. She does her readings in person and by phone (so does Laurie, by the way). Her ‘crew’ are those spirits on the ‘other side’ nudge her in her readings. Lately, her crew have been very quiet. So quiet that Abby is concerned that her gifts might be leaving her somehow.

Dutch is having a family crisis, his cousin Chase has been kidnapped and his family has asked for his help. Dutch, who has finally accepted that Abby has ‘special gifts’, he asks for her help. But Abby’s visions turn dark and deadly – for Dutch.  Things don’t improve when they arrive in Las Vegas and check in at the Wynn.

Then Dutch goes out and Abby’s visions turn ever darker and more frightening. She grabs a cab and follows the GPS signal of Dutch’s phone. She lands at the scene of a car accident. A bad one. Panic seizes her. A body is (more…)

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