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May 4, 2015

Brace Yourselves

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There is about to be a groundhog scream heard round the world. SCREAM!   Hatchette Publishing – I spit on their name – SPIT!!!!! – have once again DELAYED THE PUBLICATION OF STILETTO, the second book in Daniel O’Malley’s Rook series till – have a seat people – JANUARY 2016!  Yes, I’m serious.  That’s A YEAR AFTER THE ORIGINAL DATE.  Amazon changed all their dates today.  So did Book Depository.

I hate Hatchette.  I really do.  I’m starting to side more and more with small press and self publishing.  These big publishers just ignore customers and do as they damn well please.

Now excuse me while I go stick pins – really BIG, very dull, pins – in my Hatchette voodoo doll.

March 18, 2009

Soon to be released titles of interest

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It’s that time for a whole raft of new releases that I am anxiously awaiting.  It’s a mixed bag, but mostly mysteries and action thrillers, even an historical mystery is the mix.  Here we go:

One Hot Mess by Lois Greiman

This is the 5th book in Greiman’s series with amateur sleuth psychiatrist Christina McMullen along with boyfriend LAPD Lt. Jack Rivera.  This outing sees her working out the whys behind serial killings.  Looks good.

Release date: 3/24 paperback


I Shot You Babe by Leslie Langtry

The fourth Bombay assassin novel.  Likely to be funny and interesting.  See my review of Langtry’s Stand By Your Hitman to get a feel for her kind of book.

Release date: None provided paperback


The Defector by Daniel Silva

Gabriel Allon saves the world again.  It ties into the end of Moscow Rules, so read that one first.  It will be out in paperback in July shortly be for this book is released.   Takes place in London again – where Gabriel is persona non grata.  Action espionage spy thriller.  Allon is an assassin for the Mossad.

Release date: 7/21 hardcover


Murder of a Royal Paine by Denise Swanson

Skye Dennison finds the body of the Wicked Witch – or at least she’s dressed like one.  It’s the pushy mom of the Halloween prom queen – who was also dressed as the Wicked Witch.  Is the right witch dead?  A cozy with a sense of humor.

Release date: 4/7  A TOP PICK AND MUST BUY paperback


Breaking Loose by Tara Janzen

The last of this set of the Steele Street series?  It all started with her Crazy series and now her popular Loose series all centered around certain recurring characters with new ones being added.  Romantic suspense action thriller.

Release date: 7/28  A TOP PICK AND MUST BUY Paperback


Alexandria by Lindsey Davis

Marcus Didius Falco, my favorite wise cracking Roman private inquiry agent, is taking his lovely wife Helene Justinius and family on vacation to Alexandria, Egypt.  Too bad even in the time of Vespasian, murders happen and Falco is left putting the pieces together.  A favorite series and favorite author.  Historical mystery.

Release date: 5/12 A MUST BUY Hardcover


Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child

The last few Jack Reacher outings were big disappointments, but this one looks promising.  Takes place in NYC and has Reacher working with shadowy government agencies.  Action thriller.  I was so disappointed in his last 3 books,  I’ll wait and see what the first reviews are like before ordering.

Release date: 5/19   Sure bet bestseller Hardcover

NOTE:  Lee Child is the new President of The Mystery Writers of America – the folks who award the Edgars.  Click here for 2009 nominees.

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