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December 8, 2009

Short Reviews: Two Erotic Romances

It’s the time of year for publishers to release their holiday titles, most of which aren’t worth the money, so I’m buying very little new releases.  Wicked Pleasures came my through a sale at Ellora’s Cave, but Red Shadow is a new release, one of very few I’ve purchased lately.  Ellora’s Cave is having it’s famous end of the year sale.  Yesterday there were 23 pages of print books to choose from, and today it’s down to 22, so go grab some of your favorites while they’re still available.  There are a number of Denise Agnew titles for her Special Investigation series, a few by Shelly Munro and some other popular authors including Reese Gabriel and Shiloh Walker and Joey W Hill.  For $4-$5.50, worth a close look.

  • Title: Wicked Pleasures
  • Author: Nelissa Donovan
  • Type: Erotic paranormal
  • Genre: Alternate world; elves and magical creatures
  • Sub-genre: Myth and magic merge
  • My Grade: C+(3.3*)
  • Rating: xx
  • Length and price: Short novel
  • Where Available:  ebook at Ellora’s Cave
  • FTC Disclosure: print book purchased from publisher

Wicked Pleasures starts off reading like a boink-fest, but the story starts evolving into something more, not a LOT more, but more.  Selena DeLaPlaya is taking a well earned break from years of college by Scotland with her best friend.  She gets dragged off to a re-enactment of some ancient rite that’s acting as her friend’s graduation party.  Somehow she goes from dancing around a bonfire to flat in her back in a jungle like area with a godlike commanding her to pleasure herself.  Compelled and bespelled, she does so.  The two are found by  Serosen, a Prince and a Night Ranger guardian.  He berates Du’an for bringing over a female from Earth, and makes him leave her.  Du’an is no more than gone when a princess of the faeries appears and insists he leave the woman.  He refuses and says he will send her back thru the gate to her home.  The faerie screeches at him about how she must die and he knows this woman must be protected.  There is a war on between the various kingdoms of the ‘elves’.   He leaves with the woman slung over his should. (more…)

September 10, 2009

Book Reviews: Short Reviews of New Ebooks

Well, the usual suspects in the erotic romance epub list was visited by me to examine this weeks crop.  Didn’t see anything that interested me at Loose-Id or Siren and nothing at Ellora’s mid-week release appealed to me, but I had one left from last week and found 3 more – all at Samhain.  None really lit my fire but none were awful either.  The other odd thing is all felt more mainstream than usual.  Aside from some brief elements in Dance of the Dragon and Songbird, none really qualified a ‘erotic’ in my mind.  Romance, yes, but two of the four were romantic adventure and less erotic than Lora Leigh’s Nauti series, which is sold as mainstream.  The other two didn’t hit the ‘hot’ level of her Elite Ops books.  Just because a book is sold by Samhain, doesn’t make it erotic romance, and unlike many publishers, Samhain does not provide a relative measure of intensity for the sexual content. (more…)

July 10, 2009

Short Reviews – Assorted Romance

I’ve read several shorter books or books that were reviewed elsewhere and I have little or nothing to add, so I’ve grouped them here in short reviews.

  • Title: Make Me Yours
  • Author: Betina Krahn
  • Type: Romance
  • Genre: Historical Romance
  • Sub-genre: Harlequin Blaze
  • My Grade: B
  • Rating: PG-17 (more…)

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