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May 5, 2009

Erotic Romance and ebooks – May Roundup Part 1

Here we go again with the popular erotic romance roundup.  As usual, we have a mix of good and bad, and a first for me – one I found so offensive I couldn’t finish it.   It was an odd mixture this month.  Some are real ‘keepers’ and others forgettable.  This month might be 3 parts as it seems I read more novellas/short novels than usual and fewer full length books.


A Little Less Conversation by Rhyannon Byrd (novella)

This traditional little contemporary love story is about two everyday kind of people, Mark Logan, a womanizing bar owner and Melanie Green, the owner of a travel agency directly across the street from the bar in Foggy Bottom Beach.  They’ve been staring at each other and smiling for 6 months now.  Or ‘mooning over her’ as Mark’s older brother Cain keeps teasing him.  For the first time in his life, Mark wants more than uncomplicated sex, he wants …….. more.  Of course he won’t get anything if he doesn’t at least ask her out.

Melanie Green has been fantasizing about Mark Logan since she moved to Foggy Bottom Beach six months ago.  Despite some offers, she has no desire to date anyone – except Mark Logan, the drool worthy bar owner.  She’s damned tired of being such a ‘good girl’, the ‘dopey geek’ and longs for a walk on the wild side, and Mark Logan has the ‘wild man’ reputation.  But why would a guy like that be interested in her?  But finally, FINALLY, he asks her out!!!!! (more…)

March 15, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: Playing With Fire by Katie MacAlister

Katie MacAlister writes contemporary romance, and the urban fantasy paranormal Aisling Grey books.  Aisling makes a brief appearance here, but Playing With Fire is the first book of the Silver Dragons series.  MacAlister’s urban fantasy has creatures both mythical and magical living with humans and includes frequent popular TV and film pop culture references.  Her style is an interesting mix of humor and drama and quite entertaining.  The opening lines, “Good Twin calling evil twin.  The weasel crows at midnight. How Copy?”, sets the stage for this urban fantasy romantic suspense story that reminds me somewhat of Harry Dresden on a smaller stage.

May Northcott, a doppelganger thief that is owned by a demon lord, Magoth, thanks to her ‘twin’ sister, Cyrene,a ditzy naiad with a penchant for public trouble.  May was ‘created’ from Cyrene by Magoth during a time when Cyrere was enthralled by him.  At his request, she bound May to him.  Like all dopplegangers, her original twin had to surrender a part of herself to her ‘twin’.  Cyrene chose to give her common sense.  (The fact that Cyrene is enthralled with a demon lord does leave me wondering if she had much common sense to begin with.)  The sign of a doppelganger is the lack of a shadow when in light.

Magoth makes good use of May’s unusual ability to ‘shadow walk’ – disappear into the shadows thereby avoiding most security.  Magoth’s very vain, handsome, bad tempered, sexy, greedy, willful, spoiled, – and he wants to seduce May.  May is finding it harder and harder to resist his advances.  His latest order to steal the Liquor Hepatis from a mage has May dealing with her well meaning, but flakey twin during a difficult robbery.  Affectionately called Mayling by Cyrene, is ‘trying to be helpful’ by keeping watch from a tree – sort of. (more…)

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