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July 24, 2013

July Releases Redeemed – Quick Reviews of Must Reads for UF/Paranormal Fans

Just when I thought UF/paranormal was a lost cause for July, I hit two good ones in a row.  I don’t have time for detailed reviews, but these are two must reads for any UF/paranormal fan.  While the second book is a best seller (and deservedly so), the first one needs more positive exposure and the series is worthy of more fans.


I know this series gets little attention, but the Weird Girls series is so well done it deserves a lot more.  It’s not light, funny, or fluffy.  It’s a bit on the grim side at times, and despite the more rural setting of Tahoe, it is UF.  The first book, Sealed With a Curse was really good, so I didn’t hesitate to pre-order book 2, A Cursed Embrace.  Four sisters, each with a special talent, all the result of a back-fired curse.  But it leaves one sister, Celia, in the toughest spot.  Not only did she save the local vampire Master, in the process of doing so she gave him back is soul.  Now Misha is not just grateful for what she did, he’s deeply attracted to her.  But Ceel wants Aric, the Alpha of the local werewolf pack.  And his other wolves are deeply attracted to her sisters, Taran, Shayna, and Emma.

It all starts with a dead wereraccoon, and attacks by demon-kin – the offspring of a demon and a human female.  And someone using cursed gold bullets.  That story is deftly interwoven with the romance between the wolves and the sisters – even though Aric knows he cannot ever have Celia permanently.

The plots pace is fast, so the nearly 350 pages seem shorter.  Like all good UF, it’s not HEA’s at the end and I have to give kudos to Ms Robson for not taking the easy road.  There’s some sex, but more in the R level.  My rating for A Cursed Embrace is B (4*) and the series is highly recommended for anyone who reads Anton Stout, Alex Huges, Rob Thurman, or who enjoyed Precinct 13 by Tate Hallaway (which was NOT as well done as this series.  I paid $7.19 for the book from Amazon and felt I got my money’s worth.


Fifth Grave

NOTE:  A full review of this book will be available the week of 7/28 on PaperbackSwap’s blog.

OK, this is, hands down, one of the best and most original UF series to come along in a long, long time. Forget Sookie Stackhouse and that whole lot of losers, pull on your big girl panties and meet Charley Davidson, PI and Grim Reaper.  No, no, she doesn’t run around with a long cape a scythe.  Charley is a portal, the one dead spirits pass through on the way to the afterlife.  She also has a crush on Reyes Farrow who just happens to be the son of Satan.  And the man who loves her – and knows a LOT more about her is than she does about herself.

Now, two warnings, this is a series that MUST be read in order to follow the complex over-riding plot.  The other is, despite being filled with humor, there are some very grim and unpleasant elements central to the plot, including child abuse and pedophilia (alluded to rather than graphically played out), so if that bothers you, be warned.  And each book has a central mystery that also often involves serial killings.

Fifth Grave Past the Light gets an A- (4.5*) rather than a straight A.  Very highly recommended.  I paid $14.66 + tax for the book, but it’s now over $19.  Is it worth it?  At $19, no, unless you want a first edition for your keeper shelf.  Wait and buy it between $13-$15 or wait a LONG time for the paperback, which will likely be a tradesize in the $10-$12 range.  NOTE:  The sex is in the R range.


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