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March 28, 2013

Amazon Buys GoodReads

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I’m not that active on GoodReads, not like a lot of folks.  I am however, a member and have been for sometime.  I was depressed and slightly disgusted to see Amazon has bought the company for an undisclosed price.  See the Forbes article here.

GoodReads was a haven for hardcore reads of all stripe, whatever your genre, from smut (Romantica, chick porn, whatever), to mystery, to paranormal, to fantasy, to romance, to non-fiction of all kinds.  There were groups that discussed books, reviews by readers, author chats – hey, nothing better than authors talking about writing.

I’m over my smut cycle, with a few exceptions, in large part due to the recent concentration on male/male, and BDSM, neither of which do anything for me.  So, I’m mostly sticking with mysteries, UF, paranormal, and the occasional romance – usually of the paranormal type.

I’m also giving BAM! a shot, but that’s a separate post.  Since everything there is pre-order, we’ll see how it works out.  In the meantime, I have to wonder if Amazon will once again force ALL buying links to their website now that they own GoodReads.  Seriously, Amazon is starting to really get on my nerves.  the volatile pricing games – buy in advance and pray we discount before it comes – and their arrogant domination of all things books is grating.  Yes, I respect the vision of Jeff Bezos, but I am a great believer in a healthy competitive market.  Publishers owned it for decades, holding booksellers by the short and curlies, now Amazon is doing that to the publishers and they hate the shoe being on the other foot.  But who will grab Amazon by the corporate gonads and twist?  If nothing else, it’s proving once again, single company domination is NOT healthy for the consumer.


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