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February 22, 2013

An Interesting Note on Kindle e-Books

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I saw this do a fly-by earlier this week in some news outlet.  Amazon has filed a patent for creating a kind ‘used e-book’ market for their Kindle e-books.  See the article here.

I find it interesting that unlike most digital content, Amazon NEVER surrenders their rights to your ebooks.  I can sell or give away almost anything under digital material, especially games and movies, but NOT Kindle books.  Oh, you can ‘loan’ them out thru an an Amazon controlled system, but you can’t give them away.  Now if I buy a book and find I don’t care for it, I can pass it on to my neighbor who like that kind of thing, or ship it and let my brother and SIL who decide if they like it, or just give it to Goodwill for sale. But not Kindle e-books.  I can’t ‘give’ it away.  I certainly can’t sell.  The only thing I can do is ‘loan’ it for 2 weeks to someone with a Kindle or Kindle PC/mac/phone app.

OK, I guess I can see some of that, at least about the selling, but why can’t I give it away?  No, my brother and SIL have no interest in e-readers or laptops and like me, find print books easier on the eyes, but I guess it’s the principle of the thing.  You don’t really ‘own’ an Amazon Kindle e-book, you acquire a long term lease where all the rights are theirs and you ………… well, no, you don’t really have any.  You bought the right to read the book, you didn’t really buy the ‘book’, the content itself like you would buy a software package.  It’s kind of like a museum, you can see it, but you’ll never really own it.  And they CAN take it away.

So, let’s see if Amazon sets up a ‘used’ e-book marketplace for Kindle books and then let’s see how many takers there are.  Amazon is getting as good as a soap opera – we just need a JR Ewing to make it really interesting!


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