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January 12, 2012

Happy New Year – and a few new release book comments

Well Happy 2012 to everyone!  A new year, a fresh batch of books, new authors, undiscovered gems, and yes, disappointments, are all there waiting for us in life and in books.  I sincerely hope everyone has a healthy and prosperous 2012 and you each take the time to enjoy a few good books, whatever your choice of reading might be.

I had a good Christmas visiting family and eating too much.  Now it’s home, football, and books.  Come Tuesday, Amazon will be delivering a PILE! of new release books, mostly paranormal/UF and mystery, but a few brave publishers did release a few just before and after Christmas.  Of course, I did take time to read.

Oh, by the way, the Christmas books I gave – these are comments from those who got them and read them!

Desert Jewels: North African Jewelry and Photography from the Xavier Guerrand-Hermes Collection by Kristine Loughran, Cynthia Becker – this is no coffee table book, but the photos are so worth it.  Terrific for anyone interested in unique silver work of the mid-East and nomadic tribes.  Keeper shelf material.

The Iona Sanction by Gary Corby – rated a very good read

The Diamond Frontier by John Wilcox – rated a very good read

Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer – makes your blood boil, so read a bit at a time

The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle,  Scott McKowan – totally worth the money for an excellent quality book and a great gift according to my Holmes fan!  It goes to the ‘keeper shelf’.

Now, what I read…………………

  • Title:  Silver-Tongued Devil
  • Author:  Jaye Wells
  • Type:  Paranormal/UF
  • Genre:  Sabrina Kane, vampire mage, continues flounder through her life
  • Sub-genre:  Maisie redux
  • My Grade: C+ (3.3*)
  • Rating:  PG-13
  • Length and price:  Novel – about 90,000+ $7.99 with discounts available
  • Where Available:  Available at most bookstores and online
  • FTC Disclosure: purchased through an online bookstore

This is a series that’s starting read like a literary treadmill – moving quickly and going nowhere.  The lead character, Sabina Kane seems trapped in a loop of repeat adventures, repeat mistakes, and no character growth, the plot was predictable, and the story arc held only one big surprise.  As for Sabina, well, isn’t it time she gave up the emotional angst of a 23 year old?  She is in her 50’s.  Time to pull on the big girl panties and grow up.  Silver-Tongued Devil‘s biggest downsides:  Sabina still has these stupid knee-jerk, unthinking reactions, too much of what’s happening is merely a weak continuation of the plot of Green-Eyed Demon, the whole roller derby thing was kind of pointless, and the plot telegraphs everything like  some frantic semaphore flag waver.  The upsides: The pacing is good and the story moves quickly, there’s lots of action, the contrived angst is only moderately annoying, the plot has a nice twist near the end, and it seems we might finally make progress in the next installment.

Silver-Tongued Devil starts a few months after the end of Green-Eyed Demon with the rescued Maisie back in NYC and her twin, Sabina, still trying to reconcile with what happened and each other.  Sabina is doing her best to stop hunting humans for blood, and settle in living with Adam Lazarus, her mage lover, and come to terms with her guilt and fear for her twin, Maisie.  Giguhl, her mischief demon, is his usual conniving self and possibly the best character in the series.

Part of  Sabina’s efforts to adjust from the emotionally barren upbringing of her twisted grandmother, Lavinia, is to drink bagged blood rather than hunt humans for food.  But the overwhelming smell of blood draws her to crime scene where a man has been brutally murdered – but without enough blood present given the wounds.  Sabina knows a vampire kill when she sees one.  It soon becomes apparent there is some bigger thing going on and her old lover, vampire mob boss Slade, kind of blackmails her into helping him track the culprit down.

Against a backdrop of tentative peace negotiations between vamps, mages, and fea, and concerns about Maisie’s mental and physical health, Sabina chases a vicious killer and deals with having a secret she should never have kept causing a rift between her and Adam.  The sense of ‘deja vu’ that much of the book evokes and a less than thrilling ending, left a sense of ‘retread’.

Is Silver-Tongued Devil worth $7.99?  Meh.  If you love the series, yes.  You could very likely read Blue-Blooded Vamp, the next book due this summer, without needing this one to keep you current.  Try and get a deep discount or buy used in a few months.


  • Title:  Wicked Circle
  • Author:  Linda Robertson
  • Type:  Paranormal/UF
  • Genre:  Persephone Alcmedi series book 5
  • Sub-genre:  Seph, Johnny and Menessos tangle with fate and furies
  • My Grade: B- (3.7*)
  • Rating:  PG-13
  • Length and price:  Novel – about 100,000+ $7.99 with discounts available
  • Where Available:  Available at most bookstores and online
  • FTC Disclosure: purchased through an online bookstore

The Persephone Alcmedi series has been one of the most consistent and complex series to come along in awhile.  Wicked Circle might be a weaker entry, but it’s still superior to most of the popular paranormal series.  The one problem with this series is the long time between books.  While this certainly makes for much better books, it can be hard to recall all the various plot elements from the previous installment.

Wicked Circle picks up the story just where Arcane Circle left off.  Eris Alcmedi has removed the spells that locked Johnny’s power as Domme Lupe, but doing seems to have changed him, more than


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