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July 8, 2011

Who Knew? And a strong recommended read

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You know, in the great scheme of things, a broken wrist isn’t exactly some huge event, but wow, can it screw with your life.  After my emergency room treatment and twice having the wrist set and two hard casts put on, I figure, “OK, now in six weeks all will be well.”  HA!  Man plans and the gods laugh.

While still in a hard cast, the wrist broke again 10 days later.  It was – and remains – an ‘unstable fracture’.  So the orthopedic doctor sent me to a hand surgeon.  Saw him on a Wednesday and Thursday morning, 2 weeks after I broke the damn thing,  at some totally ungodly hour, I had a plate and screws put in my wrist to stabilize the fracture.  Let’s just say the whole thing had more drama than I’d care for, including recovery room issues and a whole lot of blood soaking everything, but a week later I was in a splint style ‘soft cast’.  I also learned that despite the plate and screws, the break was located in such a way that it wasn’t fully stabilized.  Oh good, all this for partial success.  The incision got infected – or I had some massive allergic reaction (2 doctors, 2 very different opinions) and I enjoyed a 10 days or so of complete misery and antibiotics.

Now I am willing to admit I am not the world’s best patient.  OK, so I’m in the bottom 20%.  I have a high pain threshold and a very low bullshit and attitude threshold.  I figure I endured two rounds of closed reduction setting, surgery, that infection/allergic reaction, and multiple visits to 2 different orthopedists, the family doctor, and 2 different hospitals, enough x-rays to glow in the dark, more attitude than enough and I was entitled to be better NOW!  Patience is not one of my virtues and frankly, turning a 20 minute shower into a 90 minute tour de force of wrapping, taping, bagging, taping, and then unwrapping and cutting tape to keep the lower arm dry, and then attempting to things like wash my hair one handed, got really old, really fast. Frustration was a constant companion.  Did I mention my complete lack of patience?

I am a klutz.  Well, obviously.  That’s how I ended up tripping in my own house and breaking the damn wrist to begin with!  Thing is, I am also ferociously independent.  Having to rely on others to drive me places drove me nuts.  Finally having enough control over my left hand, even with the splint, I was allowed to drive (ME: When can I drive?  DR: (Strange look)  Anytime you want.  ME:  I drive a stick shift.  DR:  (long pause followed by sarcastic)  Of course you do.  (eyeroll – then goes thru the motions of driving a shift and thinking about it.)  You should be able to drive since your right hand is OK and your left fingers can hold the wheel steady, but take it easy. [There is a notable lack of enthusiasm in this.]) it was HUGE.  Until the car battery died.  In a parking lot.  (Thank heavens I DIDN’T buy the ice cream!)  It was entitled.  It was really old.   The timing, however, sucked.  (I had a grey haired, pony-tail wearing biker guy in hysterics when I started swearing at the car when I managed to get it started 3 minutes after calling for a tow.  At least I made someone’s day.)  That was taken care of, but it kind of piled on the whole ‘fed-up with this crap’ thing I have going.

Well, I had work to do, (You know, the stuff you get PAID to do?), so I did it.  Now mostly I sit and type technical documents, talk panicked customers thru technical problems, or answer their questions – for the 4th or 5th time, and deal with various independent labs who have their own questions and problems.  Painstaking, and usually very long, it hours of meticulous work and requires a damn good memory for facts.  After several days of slaving away earning a living, (the self-employed don’t get paid sick days) I noticed a problem.   My left hand kept turning blue.  OK, the light tinge of blue didn’t bother me, but when it looked like I was joining a band of Pict warriors or just tattooed my hand denim, I got worried.  I called the surgeon’s office and got absolutely no response.  I figure, OK, I can deal. I know it’s a problem with arterial blood flow – hey, 30 years working in pharmaceuticals you learn a lot.  If it gets bad again, I’ll go to emergency because an orthopedist doesn’t deal with this anyway, a vascular surgeon would do the work.  I cannot tell how thrilled I was at the thought of ANOTHER DOCTOR!

Back in the stupid splint I go.  The blue gets better, but most mornings, it’s a scary dark blue again.  I sleep without the splint, but started putting it back on early mornings.  It seems to help.  Then 2 days ago I roll over in bed to my right side and use my left hand to pull the sheet over – a no stress kind of thing – and all of a sudden I hear CRACK – like I just stepped on a dry twig and pain flashes thru my wrist.  Two days of icing the thing down and it feels a bit better, but it’s obviously not as strong as it was.  Come Monday, I see the surgeon – who combines relative youth, minimal people skills, and a tendency to patronize,  just the thing to annoy a Maxine clone like me.   If you never hear from me again, look for the headlines about an irate patient being arrested for attacking her doctor.

Just in case, Grave Dance by Kalayna Price is EXCELLENT and gets a rare A- from me.  Complex world building, great characters, very original story line, and the writing is so good, it’s hard to put down.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   You absolutely MUST read Grave Witch first or you’ll be lost.  I’ve got a bunch of short reviews started and hopefully, next week, I’ll b able to start posting reviews again.  Unless I’m in jail.  Let’s hope for the best.


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