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January 13, 2010

A Seasonal Special

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It’s nearly Mardi Gras time.  That means time for me to re-read books set in New Orleans or one of the other major Mardi Gras cities.   This year, it will be Kiss and Tell by Linda Howard, a good romantic suspense novel, and then the Witches Knot series by Lauren Dane.  Triad, Thrice United and Vengeance Due are especially evocative.  So what do you plan to do to celebrate Mardi Gras?

I often find I’m moved to read books that I associate with certain places either at specific times of the year, or based on a seasonal event.  I’m not big on holiday anthologies, regardless of genre.  Instead, I like books that echo of certain locals and lifestyles.  John D. MacDonald, Carl Haaisen, Randy Wayne White, Jonothan King, and others for when I visit Florida, Tony Hillerman, Michael McGarrity, and many others for the Southwest.  Some writers just imbue their works with an intense feel of the surroundings.  So many good mysteries, carry their setting as a virtual character, not a backdrop, but an living breathing entity the seeps into the very pores of the book.  Hillerman is a master of that, so is Lawrence Block with his Matt Scudder books.  The very best fantasy writers create whole worlds – look at everything from Lord of Rings to Harry Potter.  Those worlds are as real as our own.  That’s the great thing about books, they contain more than characters, they hold entire worlds.

So grab a book and travel to a time and place of your choosing.  Me, I’ll spend a few days in the Crescent City before I move on.


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