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December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Between shopping, errands, and way too much reading, I haven’t had much time to do any reviews, but after Christmas I promise I get to a bunch of erotic romance I just read – brand new ebooks and some older print books from Ellora’s and Samhain.  Haven’t found anything at Loose-Id or Siren for awhile.  Too many ‘novellas’ and shorty stories at high prices and too many m/m that I’m not fond of.  Not worth it to me.  So I have read a few good ones, a few so-so ones, but no completely ghastly ones – so far.  There’s still plenty of time to find rock bottom.

The first anniversary of this blog will be in February and I feel like I’ve done more with my reading this year usual.  I’ve enjoyed exploring new genres, new authors, and new-to-me authors.  The folks over on PaperbackSwap’s Mystery/Thriller virtual box have been a wonderful group and offered great ideas for new reads.  I even found readers with tastes much like my own – and an intense dislike of the too-cute-for-words cozies that are overwhelming the market.  Makes one long for another Raymond Chandler.

Christmas for me is a time for family.  We don’t vacation over the holidays, though some years have found me in places like New Zealand, Singapore or Japan.  I found vacationing over the holidays away from family wasn’t much fun.  Older and maybe a little wiser, though not much, I do spend Christmas with them these days.  There are far fewer of us now.  The older generation has died and we find ourselves in the vaguely surreal position of being the ‘older generation’ – a sobering thought.  The only time I really feel older is when my arthritis flares up – or I look too closely in the mirror!  But there it is, the circle of life.  So I will travel to Massachusettes and have a white Christmas.  I’ll do the cooking – though I no longer do the elaborate food orgies I did in my younger years when many generations gathered for Christmas.  Back then, I’d start cooking Thanksgiving week and not stop still after New Year.  I’d rather set my hair on fire than do that today!  Yes, I still enjoy cooking now and then, but not like I used to.  Life changes. Now our goal is trying to prevent going into a coma from all the goodies we consume as we play games and engage in a kind of competitive construction of a Lincoln Log village.  We have acquired thousands of logs from the ’50’s to the ’70’s, though we try and keep them as early as possible.  We let our imaginations run wild and construct buildings and stories to go around the finished buildings.  From modest beginnings, it now takes us about 20 manhours.  We takes photos, show it off and tear it all down and store the logs again for next year in 4 days.  It keeps us amused, out of serious trouble, prevents arguing (OK – mostly we just argue about the construction), and keeps me from have a football withdrawal seizure.  Why am I the only real football fan in the family????????  Then we break for pie, ice cream and old Charlie Chan movies on DVD.  Later it’s cards, Yahtzee!, or Clue.  Repeat previous day and throw in more food, chocolate and dessert.

I’m sure you have your traditions – old and new.  Visits to relatives, or sitting on a beach with palms trees and umbrella drinks, or racing down a ski slope.  Go forth and enjoy!  Make memories – large and small.  Don’t worry about that disaster, it will be one of those things that you’ll remember later and say, “Well, it couldn’t be worse than ………………”  It’s not about the gifts, it’s about enjoying your friends and family – or at least not smothering them in their sleep.  It’s about putting the cheap Christmas tree balls at the bottom of the tree so the dogs and the kids won’t break the expensive ones from when you were a kid.  It’s about wrapping gifts at 2AM and getting up again at 5AM with excited kids.  It’s about ohhhhing and ahhhing over ugly handmade gifts that are all heart and no talent.  It’s eating too much, not sleeping enough, leftovers that last for days and staying upwind of the aunt who who wears too much perfume.

So to anyone who drops by here, I wish you a Happy Holiday – for whatever holiday you might be celebrate.  Be safe and happy, I hope you enjoy your friends and family – and a good meal!

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