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November 8, 2009

Short Review: Night Moves by V. J. Devereaux

  • Title: Night Moves
  • Author: V. J. Devereaux
  • Type: Erotic romance
  • Genre: Vampire in the city
  • Sub-genre: Boink-fest ménage
  • My Grade: D+ (2.4*)
  • Rating: XX
  • Length: novella about 34,000 words sold as a short novel for $5.20
  • Where Available: ebook available at Ellora’s Cave
  • FTC Disclosure: ebook purchased on publisher’s website

This well written, but mostly pointless, boink-fest is set in New Orleans and features a police lieutenant who has a strong sex drive and has turned to internet dating to find a suitable man.  Rapheala Carteret, or Rafi, likes what she sees when she walks into the classy bar to meet her ‘date’, Michael Niculescu.  Expensive champagne and a walk around the area and Michael invites her back to his place.  She’s so drawn to him, she agrees.  His ‘place’ is a mansion and there to greet her is his cousin Nicholas.  When she realizes what’s going on, she’s secretly thrilled by the possibility of having her ménage fantasy fulfilled.  Then Michael tells her they’re vampires.  Rafi has been around the city long enough to know there really are vampires and werewolves, but there are far more poseurs than the real thing.  When asked to ‘prove it’ both allow their fangs to drop.  Instead of frightening her, she’s drawn even more to them.  Let the sexfest begin.

Moving along about 2/3rd’s of the way through the novella, Rafi spends a short time reflecting on her reaction to finding out she was initially somewhat ‘enthralled’ by Michael to prevent her panic.  She left them, but went back because she really did care for both of them and for the first time in her life she felt both well satisfied and cared for.  Then a strange man suddenly shows up at the house.  She goes to see him and without a word, he leaves.  This man and his cohorts captures Michael and Nico – he’s a vampire hunter.  A few pages of action that seemed oddly out of place with so little build up in the tension levels.  She does her thing and saves Michael and Nico, nearly dies, gets turned somewhat.  HEA

OK – the story was very readable, shallow, has almost no character development and several technical errors that were bush league – like a police lieutenant having a partner, in NOPD even the regular detectives don’t have partners, (her ‘partner’ is a werewolf), and the story is beyond slight and somewhat disjointed when the whole action part occurs with almost no build up.  As a boink-fest, Night Moves works.  The sex is plentiful and hot.  It has no real story and no character development.  Even the big emotional impact of learning about the enthrallment is blunted by being seen only as past event musing by Rafi.  The big finale in the warehouse was better, but still felt emotionally remote.  The writing itself is smooth and flows well, but has no depth.  It reads like the start of a series, or at least related books.

Not worth the $5.20 asking price.


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