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October 25, 2009

Book Review: Big Bad Wolf by Christine Warren

  • Title: Big Bad Wolf
  • Author: Christine Warren
  • Type: Paranormal Romance
  • Genre: Shifter – werewolf; slight re-write of early book
  • Sub-genre: Fantasy Fix book 2 updated to Book 7 The Others series, though in the timeline, it’s still 2
  • My Grade: C+ (3.2*)
  • Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
  • Length: Original was about 62,000 words; this version is about 75,000 words
  • Where Available: any book store
  • FTC Disclosure: Purchased through online bookstore

Another of Christine Warren’s early Fantasy Fix books, originally published by Ellora’s Cave as Fur Factor, this book is largely untouched by the author.  Thank heavens for that because her idea of ‘spiffing up’ Fantasy Fix to One Bite with a Stranger did NOT work, not because Fantasy Fix was a great book – it wasn’t, but because it’s entire premise was based on a relationship that just wasn’t meant for mainstream paranormal.  Short of altering the characters completely, there was no changing it.  Here, Ms Warren basically left the whole book alone and just flesh it out here and there, deleting any suggestion of a threesome by Hunter, and doing a better job of laying out the motivation for Curtis’ actions and Graham’s reasons for choosing his path.

Graham Winters is the Alpha of the Sliverback Clan of werewolves and the best friend of Dimitri Vidâme, the vampire husband of Missy Roper’s best friend, Regina from One Bite with a Stranger (old book Fantasy Fix).  Missy was maid of honor and Graham was best man, but he never noticed her till Dimitri and Reggie held an engagement party AFTER getting married.  Graham has been going through withdrawal from his hedonistic lifestyle.  He’s bored with all the women and ready to find his mate.  While trying to explain this to his less than sympathetic second in command, we sees something he really likes in a very short dress.  The most perfect ass in the world.  Too bad it’s attached to a human female, but even so, he can’t resist.

Missy is furious with Ava and her friends.  She’s already been on two Fantasy Fix ‘dates’ and was more than ready to just throw the towel in.  Then Graham Winters is there, flirting with her.  Six weeks ago he walked down the aisle with her on his arm as the best man to her maid of honor.  Now he’s behaving like he never saw her before, but he wants to get to know her – in the biblical sense.  She’s insulted he doesn’t even remember her and more than a little disbelieving that he suddenly wants her – badly.  But he the object of her fantasies, so she gives in and before she knows it, Graham slings her over his shoulder and runs back to his house next to the Vircolac, the very private club for Others.  A wild night of werewolf sex and Missy wakes up freezing cold and alone.

Graham finally has his mate in his bed.  Now he has to convince her he isn’t an asshole and she’s his mate.  His failure to pay the slightest attention to Missy before and his reputation as a love ’em and leave ’em playboy are working against him, but just getting her in his bed is a good start.  The Hunter drags him away from her to tell him is ambitious cousin Curtis is making power plays in an effort to take over the Silverback Clan from Graham.  Curtis has called a Howl, something only the alpha does.  Graham knows Curtis is a problem he’ll have to deal with sooner or later, but right now, securing his skittish mate is at the top of his list.

Graham finds Missy trying to run out on him and has his hands full working on convincing her to stay the weekend is the start.  Saturday she can learn all about him, Sunday he can learn all about her and Monday they can move all her stuff into his house.  The scene where they’re in the diner having breakfast is funny and the sex in the foyer is true to Fur Factor for the most part.  They get caught naked and just barely finished by Hunter.  The Elders want to talk to Graham and are in his office.  But it isn’t just the elders, Curtis is there too.  When he learns Graham has found his mate, he changes his tactics and things get nasty, putting Missy squarely into the power struggle.

There isn’t a lot of tension and only limited character building or plot, but the rewrite isn’t as choppy or annoying as the it was with Fantasy Fix/One Bite with a Stranger so the straightforward, simple story flows well and reads quickly and easily.  The storyline is far less complex than Howl at the Moon or She’s No Fairy Princess.  You can definitely see the softening of the edgier sexual elements to make the story more mainstream.  For fans of Warren’s Others books, Big, Bad Wolf is a worthwhile, if rather average book and not as disappointing as One Bite or the awful You’re So Vein.


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