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October 23, 2009

Author’s After Dark Weekend Starts Today

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Hi all!  This afternoon is the start of the first Authors After Dark Paranormal Weekend hosted by Jacquelyn Frank and Bianca D’Arc.   Joey W. Hill will be there with several other authors I’ve read and many I haven’t.  Though I’m just starting on Ms Frank’s Nightwalker’s series, what I’ve read so far in Noah was interesting.  I’ve read most of Ms D’Arc’s books and some of  Joey W. Hill’s work, and bought Georgia Evans Bloody books because I was tired of waiting for them on Paperback Swap.  I’m pretty sure I’ll come away with more books – just what my To Be Read pile needs – MORE books – by some new to me authors.

I’ve never gone to any event like this before and I’m not at all sure what to expect.  All the meetings and conventions I attend tend to me work related, technical, and dull as ditch water.  Not to mention sadly dominated by men, even these days, though I see more women than when I was younger.  Mine is not a ‘glamor’ job, so young women rarely feel the need to explore the field much less make it their life work.  They can make more and get better advancement opportunities elsewhere.  This old dog has enjoyed the challenges and continues to do so, even though I am occasionally chagrined to find myself saying things like, “They’re young.  Let them go and find out for themselves.”  When did I get so damn OLD??????? Regardless, I’ll be in and out brushing shoulders with authors and fans of paranormals.  Should be interesting.  And I’ll still have time to enjoy some pro football on Sunday.

Naturally, I’ll take books to the author signings as well as some of the books I’m working on for those quiet moments.  Will there be quiet moments at an event full of paranormal authors and fans?  What I’m reading now is Big Bad Wolf by Christine Warren – and so far she hasn’t done the butcher job on it that she when re-writing Fantasy Fix to One Bite with a Stranger.  I haven’t compared the text, but Big Bad Wolf is much closer to Fur Factor so far.  I admit I’m relieved.  Also under way is Mortal Temptations by Allyson James.  I almost didn’t buy this book after the dreadful (for me) Mortal Seductions, but it was on sale at Amazon, so I went for it.  I’m finding it a little easier to get into this one since the female lead is not some insipid twit.  I also have two new hot paranormals almost ready for review – Cat’s Meow by Nichole Austin (a cheesy rip off of Lora Leigh’s Breeds) from Ellora’s Cave and Dance on the Wilde Side by Beverly Rae, an urban werewolf story that’s not bad so far, from Samhain.  I have several more in the wings, including a ton of romantic suspense and historical mysteries and a frighteningly large pile paranormals.

Why am I going to an event where I’ll be surrounded by more books??????  I must be insane!  The last thing I need is MORE books!  Oh well, it’s an addiction I’ve learned to live with and I guess it’s better than drinking – equal to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but not as addictive as Neuhaus Chocolates.


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