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October 2, 2009

Book Review: Mortal Seductions by Allyson James

  • Title: Mortal Seductions
  • Author: Allyson James
  • Type: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
  • Genre: Gods, demi-gods and shifters, ménage
  • Sub-genre: sexfest to save the woman they both love while screwing each other
  • My Grade: DNF
  • Rating: xxx
  • Where Available: Everywhere books are sold

Allyson James is one of those authors that blows hot and cold for me.  I really liked Dragon Heat, didn’t like Double Trouble, liked The Black Dragon, now I don’t like Mortal Seduction.  Part of my problem was the story itself, but I could have gotten over the silliness of ancient gods and goddesses playing with us mere mortals.  What I couldn’t get over was the fact that 50 pages into the book the characters were as flat and lifeless as they could get.  I found this especially bizarre as I usually love shifter books of all types.  But honestly, Val was insipid, Leon – damn, I’m not sure what Leon was and Dimitri was just nearly as annoying as Val.  Val was supposedly some kind of schizoid vengeance goddess bound by Aphrodite to keep her from destroying the world.  Dimitri is a demi-god tiger shifter and bound to both Aphrodite and his father Apollo.  He and Val were lovers long ago before she was bound by Aphrodite.

Apparently, saving Val means running all over Egypt and Louisianan and the guys having sex with each other and her.  Now normally, this is not a turn off, and it wasn’t a turn off here, it was just flat and lifeless.  Yes, there was sex, but honestly, the whole thing had less believability than Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy.  At least that got a laugh or two.  This was silly dialogue, sillier plot and lacking any real heart – or heat.  Leon is a shifter, capable of taking on the shape and character of any animal, but he’s a mortal.  Dimitri and Val were long ago lovers and now he spies on her for Aphrodite to make sure she keeps her vows so her evil vengeance goddess side stays bound to keep her from harming humanity.  Now you’d think that set up would be an opportunity for some excellent emotional depth, but you’d be wrong.  Val comes off sounding like a half stoned Valley girl with submissive tendencies.  Val does the most awful, “Oh, no, my evil side is leaking out and I must die!” routine.  So die already!  Jeeze.

The worst part though was the stilted, lifeless, awkward prose.

Leon felt Dimitri lay his great head on Leon’s back, then the sound of a soft tiger snore.”

GAH!  A whole book like that was just more that I could stand.  I flipped to end hoping it would be a slam bang event.  Not so.  And just not recommended.  The sexiest thing about this book is the cover.  There are better ménage books out there, so save your money.


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