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September 20, 2009

Book Review: I Only Have Fangs for You by Kathy Love

  • Title: I Only Have Fangs for You
  • Author: Kathy Love
  • Type: Paranormal Romance
  • Genre: Contemporary light romantic vamp
  • Sub-genre: Womanizing bachelor vamp meets his prim vampire-in-denial soulmate
  • My Grade: C+ to B- (3.5*)
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Where Available: Everywhere books are sold

This charming, light-weight romance romance is third in Ms Love’s Young brothers series.  Christian and Rhys, Sebastian’s two older brothers, are, in his opinion, fang-whipped.  Chris, once an evil vampire, who thought a massive English country house full of servants was too dull for words, now live in the hills of West Virginia and helps his now vampire wife Jolee run a karaoke bar.  Rhys, the studious middle brother has the apartment above Sebastian – actually, Sebastian had to move out because he caught Rhys and Jane going at it everywhere all the time.  Yup, those two guys are so fang-whipped.

Sebastian doesn’t believe in soulmates, he believes women are there to be enjoyed.  And he might just as well have a good time as a vampire and enjoy what perks it gives him.  He’s the happy-go-lucky Don Juan bachelor who owns a how club that draws from the preternatural and human communities – especially hot young babes who all know the score with Sebastian and don’t mind one little bit.  Everything was going perfectly until the most graceless, inept vampire waitress got hired.  Her first night on the job, she spills his drink on him.  Then he finds her in a back room when the alarm sounds and the sprinklers go off thanks to a small fire.  The guests are fine because the sprinkler system only activated in the room with the fire.  Next night the health department shows when they get a call that the club has rats, but when the inspectors arrive there are none to be found.  What REALLY upsets Wilhelmina Weiss is how NICE Sebastian is being about it!  He’s the third most dangerous vampire in New York and he’s a nice guy!  Not to mention insanely beautiful, even by vampire standards.  Shouldn’t he be ……….. evil?  After all, he bites humans!

Sebastian Young is convinced Wilhelmina is more than just a klutz, she’s a saboteur and for some bizarre reason, he’s drawn to her.  What the hell is Mina up to?  Sebastian is not at all what Mina expects – well, except he DOES bite humans, but those women don’t seem to mind at all.  In fact, they keep coming back and chasing him!  Maybe the Society is wrong about him, he isn’t evil.  No, she has to believe they’re right.  When Sebastian confronts her about her sabotage they end up making a deal, he’ll stop biting humans for a month, but she has to allow Sebastian to teach her how much fun it is to be a vampire.  There’s no question in Sebastian’s mind that Mina is afraid of him, but she seems afraid of everything – especially men, and she also seems to know nothing about being a vampire.

Slowly Sebastian learns how Mina came to be a vampire and Mina learns that BEING a vampire isn’t so bad.  Mina is not frightened by Sebastian, but her reaction to him scares her to death.  The vampire who converted her and the cruel way her family treated her have left her wounded and vulnerable.  She spent far too many years in institutions because she was thought insane, and her transformation was so traumatic she can’t believe vampires are anything but inherently evil.  Sebastian is shaking the very foundations of what she thinks is true and the people of the Society sound more and more like the crazy ones.  It’s interesting to watch Sebastian teach Mina how to live and enjoy her life after far too many years of a sad and lonely existence.  The pervading shadow of Mina’s association with the Society and the vamp there makes her very uneasy provides the conflict along with Sebastian’s carefree enjoyment of life’s many pleasures vs. Mina’s narrow, lonely, isolated life.

Ms Love’s writing style is very smooth, easy reading and her two lead characters, Sebastian and Mina, are likable and well drawn.  The story is pleasantly entertaining and it has enough depth to keep it from getting consigned to the ‘forgettable’ pile.  On the downside, it’s not very exciting and villain didn’t get enough development or play in the story to give the story that extra zing.  It’s saved from being saccharine or sappy by Mina’s character and Sebastian’s gleeful abandon to simple pleasures, as well as the author’s judicious use of humor to balance Mina’s rather prim personality and grim personal history.  Still, both well worm character types familiar to readers of Regency romance, given fangs, and transported to modern NYC.  The twist with Mina’s roommate was the one piece that was just way to convenient to be believable.  A good read, especially for those who enjoy Lynsay Sands early Argeneau Vampire books.


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