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August 15, 2009

Book Review: Wolf’s Passion by Elizabeth Lapthorne

  • Title: Wolf’s Passion
  • Author: Elizabeth Lapthorne
  • Type: Paranormal Romance
  • Genre: Shifter – Werewolf
  • Sub-genre: Werewolf brothers – related novellas
  • My Grade: C (3*)
  • Rating: NC-17
  • Where Available: Ellora’s Cave as individual ebooks or in print as

Wolf’s Passion is actually two related novellas brought together in a book for sale.  The Mating Game is the story of Dominic Rutledge, one of the two younger Rutledge brothers.  Older brothers Atremais and William.  Now Dominic and Samuel are surrounded by nieces and nephews, so each has taken a cottage away from the main house for peace and privacy.  Neither feels the intense urge to mate that their older brothers felt, but neither is entirely content either.  They still have the band, though neither Artemais nor William play, they have other wolves in their place.  When Dominic catches a hacker into Rutledge Security in one of his traps he watches as a different hacker extricates the first one with skill and patience.  He traces the second hacker, sure it’s a female and he’s determined to meet her.

Mary Dennison is annoyed with her 18 year old cousin Matthew who allowed his friends to goad him into trying to crack the computers at Rutledge Security.  He’s starting college in the fall and getting arrested for hacking would end that dream.  Worse still. he used her computer.  Now she patiently backing out of the web of security traps when she finds a journal entry in an email among the Rutledge brothers where Dominic Rutledge claims to be a werewolf.  Now he’s fascinating her to such an extent her cousin Chloe, Matt’s older sister, tells her to go find him.  Driving 10 hours gets her to the Rutledge home town and a night in the local bar with a live band that includes Dominic.

Dominic is certain of two things – the red head at the bar smells better than anything he’s ever smelled before and he’s looking at Mary.  They have a drink and a short conversation and he invites her to him apartment. The night is the BEST he ever had.  Mary, at 35, is a realist.  This hunk does not do anything but one night stands.  To avoid the morning after line of, “I’ll call you sometime”, she takes off while he’s asleep.  Dominic was determined not to go down the road his brothers took and fights the whole idea of ‘the one’, but he wants Mary back, bad.  Two stubborn people who don’t want attachment, end up with one anyway.

The story itself is fairly good, but not as interesting or believable or as well developed as that of Art or Will.  Again and again in this book, especially the opening chapters, Ms Lapthorne repeats paragraphs.  When I write I often find myself saying the same thing several ways in consecutive paragraphs.  Then when I edit, I remove the ones I don’t want and/or do another rewrite.  This reads like a second stage draft – or all the redundancy was deliberately left in to make a word count requirement by the editor.  Regardless of the reason it’s there, it’s distracting, annoying and just bad writing.  If Ms Lapthorne didn’t catch it, surely an editor should have.  Shame on both.  As a result, as stand alone this is D.

The second novella is My Heart’s Passion, the story of Chloe Dennison, Mary’s cousin and Samuel Rutledge.  They met at Dom and Mary’s wedding, but merely exchanged a few words.  Now, after 6 months of substitute teach, Chloe is taking a 4 day weekend at Mary’s house while she and Dom take a break from the family for some private time before they become parents.  This puts the reluctant pair in proximity.  Closer than expected when Chloe spots Sam stripping in the woods and shifting into wolf form.  Even though she knew what he was, she was damned unnerved.  To make it worse, she FINALLY find the cabin and the damn key won’t work!  It’s 3AM and she’s exhausted, so she finds a window and climbs through – to be greeted by Sam.  She found the wrong cabin – but gets an up close eyeful of Sam.

Getting her squared away, he arranges to take her on a run in the morning, just a few hours away.  Sam’s astonished when Chloe keeps up with him without any trouble.  Even better, she makes breakfast.  So Sam invites her to dinner at his place.   After a surprisingly good meal, Samuel suggests they play a game.  When Chloe returns the favor of cooking next night things start steaming.  Sam brought a game hos brother created.  Kind of an adult version of truth or dare. What follows is a slow, mutual seduction through words and images until the pair can no longer resist their attraction.

Both stories are very different from the first two books with slower pacing and, in the case of My Heart’s Passion, a simpler plot, but possibly the most charm.  There’s no ‘big reveal’ about being a werewolf, both women know up front.  Chloe is a bit too much of an intellectual butterfly and at 26 a bit old to still be ‘finding herself’.  Still, a nice, quite romance.  On its own a C+


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