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July 27, 2009

Book Review: The Sword by Jean Johnson

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  • Title: The Sword
  • Author: Jean Johnson
  • Type: Romance
  • Genre: Alternate world
  • Sub-genre: Magic using brothers with prophesy
  • My Grade: C+(3.25*)
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Where Available: Everywhere books are sold

This predictable, easy to read alternate magic world is a Regency Romance in disguise.  Eight brothers, 4 sets of fraternal twins, fulfill a prophesy and the fearful the people of Katan banish them to Nightfall Island.  For 3 years now they’ve undergone magical attacks by someone who fears them greatly, and fears their finding their destined mates even more.  The eldest brother, Saber, makes swords enchanted – that means he not a metalsmith and doesn’t work the weapon, he just enchants the blade.  Each brother has a specific talent and two are shifters, including Saber’s twin, Wolver.  It is the youngest son that is the most powerful mage, Morganan.  Any woman found on, or trying to reach, the island will be killed because each brother has a predestined mate that will trigger his fate.

As you can tell from the character names, this ‘world’ is straightforward and uncomplicated.  The characters are as familiar as any in romance.  The feisty heroine from Earth, Kelly Doyle, who never fit in and was obsessed with Medieval re-enactments.  She has no one left on Earth to go back to and the town she was living in thought she was a with and tried to burn her to death in her house.  (That bit wasn’t credible, but the old fashioned toilet was harder to believe.)  The surly eldest son who is afraid of his destiny and what it will bring down on Katan.  They fight.  You know how it ends and then destiny does hit – in an historical redux.

For those who don’t want to work too hard at learning alternate worlds with complicated societies, this is a good, quick read.  Those looking for dark, complex, compelling stories with an edge and original characters, look elsewhere.


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