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June 3, 2009

I hate to do this but ………………….

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The June Erotic Romance will be a bit later than usual.  Between work and family obligations I haven’t had time to get to writing anything up.  I am half way through Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang and finished several forgettable erotic romance ebooks.  Among the books to be reviewed are the Lunar Mates series by Loribelle Hunt from Cobblestone Press, Bitten in the Bayou by Selena Blake also from Cobblestone, Riding Double by Evie Adams for Siren, To the Victor Go the Spoils by Nia K Foxx, Wolfen by Madelaine Montague and several more.  (Just looking down that list, I’ve been on a werewolf kick lately.  I guess I’m Vamped out a bit – or a bite.)

May was a good month for mystery and suspense thrillers, and too many books that I started and just couldn’t get very interested in, including the erotic stuff.  Maybe I’ll catch up with some that I read before and didn’t review, thinking, “Oh, I’ll do them later.”  Somehow ‘later’ never comes.

I pre-ordered the new Daniel Silva Gabrial Allon assassin/spy novel and the third book in the Her Royal Spyness series by Rhys Bowen.  I got book 2, A Royal Pain in hardcover thru paperback swap.  I’ll have to do another update on my experiences with that as it’s improving a LOT!  I’ve learned how to avoid the low end traders and find nicely kept books, incuding some older ones that I wanted to read again.  I’m rapidly approaching 100 swaps and it took a fair amount of dedication to find the right people to trade with, but I’m still having some issues – new ones are cropping up too.

I’m sitting here with a TBR pile that’s 200 books and growing.  Now I need some time – a lot more sleep!  See you next week!


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