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May 7, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: Bound by Blood by Evie Byrne (erotic romance)

As you might surmise from the title Bound by Blood is a vampire novel, though in this ‘world’ they are more traditional ‘vampyr’, the kind that drink from humans, not the popular ‘bagged blood’ vamps.  This is the second book in Faustin Brothers series even though it actually occurs before her first book, Called by Blood, the story of the youngest Faustin son, Alex.  It opens at the breakfast table (coffee and newspapers) with the family together when Ma Faustin announces she’s had a dream of a mate.  Gregor and Alex both assume it will be the bride of the eldest brother, Mikhail.  It’s Gregor who is ready to run when it’s the name of his intended that his mother dreamed.  Everyone is happy – well, Alex and Mikhail are just relieved it isn’t them – but Gregor, a playboy and club owner is anything but thrilled.  He plays the field and loves his freedom.  And he’s a man with a plan to avoid getting mated.

Gregor is on his way to a meeting and stuck in NYC traffic as he listens to his phone messages.  Alex, disgusted with Gregor’s refusal to even look for his mate, finds her for hm.  She’s a librarian.  Of course she is.  How freaking perfect.  He runs the hottest club in the city and his ‘mate’ is a damn librarian.  Then he makes a mistake of finally answering his phone after successfully avoided it for weeks. His mother launches into a classic mother harangue and between her and the traffic, Gregor takes out his frustrations by speeding down a side street – and hitting a pedestrian. (more…)

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