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April 29, 2009

Battling Blogs – The Romancelandia SMACKDOWN! Update

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Having nothing much better to do, I perused some of the replies to the posts on Dear Author, Smart Bitches – who share many common members – and Romance B(u)y the Book, as well as bystander Teach Me Tonight.

I’d say the reactions have been less inflammatory and acrimonious than expected on the ‘mean girls’ blogs and about as smirkingly smug and self-satisfied as expected on the self congratulatory ‘nice girls’ blog.  Teach Me Tonight is wisely staying above the fray, but did link to the full text of Buonfiglio’s talk.

I’m inclined to give more points to the ‘mean girls’ for being very specific in their criticisms and critiques.  Plus they do include salient points about the need to ‘defend’ research and commentary in academic setting, including master’s thesis and doctoral dissertations.  Academia is as backstabbing and bloodthirsty as any other environment where you have 500 people competing for 5 positions.

Unfortunately, aside from back patting and general ‘hooray for nice girls’, I’m not seeing a lot of meat in the posts.  It’s as if Dear Author and Smart Bitches are somehow beneath them.  I find this odd. Not that the whole thing isn’t odd, but this is even more so.

What a freaking paradox.  I realize academia, particularly in the literature area, has a long history of being disconnected from the reality of the masses, and they often seem to fail to see the irony of that fact.  There is no ‘popular fiction’ without the loud and messy, opinionated masses.  The ‘intellectuals’ who make their academic bones based on ‘popular fiction’ fail to understand that these masses are not ‘uninformed’, they are the decision makers!  The academics didn’t discover modern romance, they didn’t make J. R. Ward relevant, they didn’t decide vampires and werewolves were sexy, they didn’t create the heroes or the heroines that have found homes in the hearts of readers, it was the reading public!  We, the uninformed masses, are the decision makers!  Academics are simply the parasites existing on other peoples work product.  They sink their teeth into it like leeches and bleed it dry to make themselves important.  They don’t create the work being analyzed; they just set themselves up as the self appointed designated experts.  Popular romance is simply their latest victim.  I guess that’s easier than finding something original to say about Yeats or Shakespeare.

I think this might make me a ………………….. ‘mean groundhog’.  Honestly, I’m really nice when you feed me chocolate – but I have a low threshold for hypocrisy.


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