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April 28, 2009

Battling Blogs – The Romancelandia SMACKDOWN!

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Well, who would have thought a genre that is all about love and freedom would give birth to a snide and snippy presentation where one presenter took potshots at another presenter at a Princeton conference?  I’m laughing here.  What other response can there be?

I did not attend the Princeton Conference, but I was following some of the blog and twitter posts of various attendees.  Mostly it seemed to do with complaints about tedious presentations with buried gems of insights and the usual carping that such events incur in any field.  And me wondering why people feel this need to share minutiae of zero consequence with thousands via Twitter?

Well, in middle of this otherwise sedate mutual admiration society there was an unexpected turn of events.  Blogger Michelle Buonfiglio of Romance: B(u)y the Book did a presentation that knocked blogs that are less ladylike, sedate and intellectual than her own.  She did this with none other than Smart Bitch Sarah Wendell sitting next to her.  (That takes nerves of steel or a deeply seated desire to commit internet suicide.)  Then, just to make sure she’s made her point, she posts the text of her talk on her blog here.  (I’m now leaning to terminal hubris as an explanation.)

Now, you didn’t think those bloggers were about to give this sly swipe at them a pass, did you?  As of today on Smart Bitches and Dear Author, we officially have a SMACKDOWN! (more…)


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