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April 12, 2009

Coming Soon!

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I’m reading several books at once, as usual.  Here’s what’s coming soon to the blog:

Revenge of the Spellmans – Lisa Lutz’s third book in the humorous mystery series.  The mystery is just starting get a little traction about page 100, but who cares.  the Spellman family is worth the price of admission.  UPDATE: Review posted

Murder of a Royal Paine – on the top of the TBR pile and next in line.  Love Denise Swanson and her neat little cozies.  UPDATE:  I knew who did it and why by page 19 and stopped reading.  Went on the same pile as Dead Silence.

Beyond Heaving Bosoms – The Smart Bitches non-fiction analysis of their favorite form of fiction – the romance.  Over half way thru and I can say I’d recommend it to any romance reader in a heartbeat.  UPDATE:  Review posted

The Immortal Hunter – the book that follows The Rogue Hunter reviewed this week.  The opening picks up right where Rogue Hunter ended.  I’m only a few chapters in and it looks to remain darker than the lighter, breezier and charmingly funny Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands.  Have a feeling the fans may not be pleased and I’m not sure she’s mastered this style well enough to carry it off.  UPDATE: Review posted

Cyborg Revolution – a 5 book erotic futuristic series by Kaitlyn O’Connor.  I’ve finished all the books and all that’s left is the review.  Since it’s a full series, I will do it separate from the monthly erotic romance roundup.  UPDATE:  I’ll get to the review, I promise!

Shadow of Power is the newest by Steve Martini and was just released in paperback.  At the top of the pile after Denise Swanson.  UPDATE:  Still on the pile.

Maverick is the latest Elite Ops book by Lora Leigh.  I’ve had kind of mixed reactions to the books in this series from ‘this is so stupid’ to ‘this is really good’, so I have no idea what to expect.  Only one chapter in and hard to tell how I’ll feel, but someone has already died – murdered by an assassin.  UPDATE:  Still sitting there.  I am so not in the mood for one of her angsty heroes.

SPQR XI – Under Vesuvius is waiting none too patiently and I need to get it read and up to my brother, so it is now near the top of the TBR.  John Maddox Roberts writes a good Roman mystery and I know I’ll be buying and reading the new Lindsey Davis book when it’s released in May.  Like I need more books.  UPDATE: Review posted

Dead Silence – Yes, I’m still trying to work up some enthusiasm for this bestseller.   The reader reviews on Amazon are overall better than my reaction.  I notice a few who see what I do and feel the same way, but we seem to be in a distinct minority.  UPDATE: Still sitting there, mocking me.

My TBR pile is getting totally out of hand.  I blame Amazon and that 4-for-3 promotion and my book addiction.  And I am using the points at Paperback Swap for books.  I’ll put out an update of my experiences there as well.


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