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April 11, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: You’re So Vein by Christine Warren

Christine Warren’s urban fantasy series The Others got its start as Fantasy Fixed, an erotic urban fantasy romance series published by Ellora’s Cave.  She re-wrote the first of the Fantasy Fixed series, called it One Bite With a Stranger, and annoyed both her current Others fans and those who liked the Fantasy Fixed books.  I read both versions, Fantasy Fix and One Bite.  I think Fantasy Fix actually made more sense.  The re-write tried to reconcile erotic romance and mainstream romance and that takes more than watering down the sex.  The original had an edge and darker cast to it that the re-write lacked, plus the light BDSM elements just could not transfer easily.  Even the character of Graham changes considerably from the original.

Unfortunately, both the print and the ebook versions of her Fixed series have disappeared from the Ellora’s Cave website.  I snagged all but book 2, Graham and Missy’s story.  I’m looking for a print copy, but no luck so far.  I found Fantasy Fix at Alibris.  The Fixed series was centered around 5 close friends, Regina, Missy, Danice, Corinne and Ava and their agreement to get fixed up on a date to fulfill their fantasies.  The books were: (more…)


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