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April 1, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: Storm Warning – Triple Trouble Part 2 by Tymber Dalton

I reviewed Tymber Dalton’s first installment of this trilogy, Trouble Comes in Threes, last month in my Erotic Monthly review. Storm Warning is the second book in the series and continues the story of Elain Pardie and the Lyall triplets where it left off in the first installment. Elain and Alpha triplets Ain, Brodey and Cail, are just starting to get to know each other.

Elain lay on her stomach on a towel by the pool, trying to relax in the sun. When the huge, black, green-eyed wolf crept out of the nearby woods, it soundlessly leapt over the fence surrounding the pool and stalked her.

Moving silently, it circled around her until it pounced and started frantically humping the back of her leg.

“I don’t give a crap how much I love you,” she mumbled, not moving, not even opening her eyes. “If you want to fuck me, Brodey, you damn well better shift back. You try to make me do it like this, I’ll dope your dinner and shave you bald. You’ll look like a freaking mutant Chihuahua next time you shift.”

You gotta love it. It isn’t easy for Elain to adjust to the whole idea of werewolves or being mated to three Alphas. Even worse her emotions are just out of control. Incredibly, she can ‘hear’ the thoughts of her mates over great distances, not something that a full human should be able to do. Ain calls for information from a clan in Maine and his friend agrees to look into the history of any similar events.

Next morning Elain hears them squabbling in the kitchen and starts to go to join them when she overhears them arguing about Ain’s promise to think about allowing Elain to go back to work at the TV station off air. Brodey and Cail are mad. Ain may have promised to ‘think about it’ but he’d already made up his mind and figured if they just kept for a week of so, she decide not to leave so he would have to refuse. His younger twins feel like Elain will be really upset if she finds out he’d virtually lied to her. As Prime Alpha, he won’t be denied.

Elain, feeling betrayed, waits for them to leaves, and takes her things and heads back to her house. She emails a ‘Dear John’ to Cail and flies off to her mom’s all the way in Spokane. When Cail gets the email he and Brodey decide they AREN’T telling Ain because he caused it all.

Brodey goes after her and Cail stays back, avoiding Ain until a Prime Edict forces him to tell what he knows and he gives Ain the email. The reaction isn’t what he expected. Ain is devastated at what he’s done. He shifts to wolf and runs. Cail, worried about his state of mind, gives chase but loses him in the night. He can’t leave the ranch with both Ain and Brodey gone, so he heads back. Brodey hunts Elain to her mother’s house and convinces her to come back. Next morning they finally get the frantic messages from Cail that Ain has run and a hurricane is heading their way and he needs help back at the ranch. Elain has frantic calls of her own from her station that she’s needed for reporting on the storm.

Elain and Brodey fly back to help Cail and Elain’s mood swings keep going. Brodey does learn Elain is adopted and her real mother is dead and she never knew who her father was. Elain’s station sends her back to Acadia with one of the trucks so the station can be sure to keep some equipment is safe, and she pretends the Lyall brothers offer her the group their hospitality – and they figure the ‘dogs’ can sleep in her room. Upset about not knowing what happened to Ain, Elain finally finds him at a shelter in Roanoke, VA where the shelter dogs were sent for safety. She flies to VA to bring him home knowing her rushing off will likely cost her her job, but Ain bit a handler and is now considered a dangerous dog. She gets him out and back to the ranch where Brodey and Cail take turns fighting with him.

Things seem to settle down a bit, but after being warned never to get between the brothers when they fight as they are often driven by their inherent werewolf natures, Elain decides to show Ain she can take care of herself by taking him down using her martial arts skills. She’s oddly excited and has an overwhelming desire to fight Ain. Ain’s Alpha nature takes over and it becomes a chase. Brodey and Cail can only do so much because Elain has deliberately provoked Ain to where he isn’t entirely in control and won’t be satisfied till she submits. It’s Ain’s still human side sending her a mental pleading message to submit so he won’t hurt her. It breaks thru her strange excitement she stops challenging and submits to her own rising desires as well, all the while pushing, challenging all three brothers.

Ain is troubled by how Elain is behaving like a female Alpha. Humans can’t. Is she the daughter of an Alpha and a human unclaimed by her clan? If so, this could be very dangerous for all of them. Personally, I thought this was a much more satisfying read than the first book.

The characters are stronger and story line moved along quickly. Almost too fast (with no hurry it took about 2 hours to read) because the story felt like it needed some fleshing out. Dalton packs a lot in the rather short format used. I hope if this ‘trilogy’ goes to print, they put all the parts in a single book. Part 1 and 2 have both been a short 100-120 or so pages each – large type and plenty blank space on each page, so more of a novella or long short story than a short novel.  Storm Warning was $4.99 for the ebook.  It’s overpriced. Trouble Comes in Threes was $4.50.  That’s $9.49 what’s nothing more than an average length ebook at this point!!!!!!!!!!! A typical paperback with about 300 pages sells for $6.99 to $7.99 depending on the author and usually has over 100,000+ words. The $9.49 for under 60,000 words is WAY too much money for what you’re getting.  For this reason I can’t make it a recommended buy. Siren Publishing needs to revisit this kind of pricing or they might just lose this customer. FYI – Siren’s Taming Samantha by Jenny Penn is over 81,000 words and sells for $6.50 as an ebook. I have the print version and consider it a low end of an average length novel.  This post is just over 1,100 words in length, so trust me, 30,000 words does not a novel make.  Storm Warning is available as an ebook at BookStand

My Grade: C+ to B- (3.5*) for the book – but the price for such a short piece of work is much too high, so only buy it if you must.

Who would enjoy this book: Fans of werewolf, ménage and short novels. My rating would be NC-17 to X.


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