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March 12, 2009

A look at the stats for the most popular posts

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As most of you know, you get to see the statistics on your blog.  Now keep in mind this blog is just a month old and I’ve barely learned how to use the WordPress tools, so I’m pretty much in the learning curve.  And I’ve only told a few people about this blog, so most viewers just kind of stumble over it.  Still, I’m curious to see what entries get the most views and why.  Hugh Laurie is a very popular search term, so that has lead to my review of his book, The Gun Seller, being the second most viewed entry in the blog.  What caught me by surprise was the frequent search term ‘erotic romance’ and ‘menage’.  My most read post is now my March update on Erotic Romance and ebooks!

I confess, this is a bit of a surprise.  I read rather prolifically and have done so for decades.  My tastes run more to action thrillers, mysteries, espionage, and romantic suspense than erotic romance, but in the last 8 months or so, I’ve been giving ebooks and ‘erotic romance’ a shot.  A lot of it is absolute crap.  Badly written, no plot, generic sex scenes with all the heat of leftovers, and editors that don’t know the difference between ‘allusion’ and ‘illusion’ – and many far more egregious – and inadvertently funny – errors that are pretty unforgivable.  Still, I have found some good story tellers who include some hot sex in their books.  Many have mainstream books as well – just as Anne Rice wrote her Sleeping Beauty trilogy as A. N. Roquelaure – many use a different name when writing erotic romance.  It gets pretty easy to pick out authors that have good story telling ability.

Christine Warren is one of the most obvious examples.  She started with erotic romance with Ellora’s Cave.  Maybe it was the only way to get her ‘urban fantasy’ novels out there.  I read everything on the EC site and then went hunting and bought all her ‘Others’ novels from Amazon.

Another author is Lauren Dane.  Her Witches Knot and Cascadia Wolves are both good, and I reviewed the Witches Knot ebooks here a few days back.  Bianca D’Arc is a good storyteller with her Brotherhood of the Blood series.  And Shelly Laurenston writes books that have me laughing out loud under her own name and as G. A. Aiken – and they are not erotic romance to me, but they are damn good books/ebooks that have earned a spot on my ‘keeper’ shelf.

So, what gets viewed besides my monthly erotic romance entries?  Only Pleasure by Lora Leigh – another erotic romance book with its own review, Armed and Glamorous by Ellen Byerrum a cozy and excellent little amateur detective novel, Mummy Desrest by Joan Hess, another cozy mystery and finally a best seller – Heat Lightening by John Sanford.  Barry Eisler’s books featuring assassin John Rain, Hard Rain, Rain Fall, Rain Storm, etc., did pretty well too, though no views lately.

The one thing I never, ever expected when I started this blog was that my recent diversion into urban fantasy romance or erotic romance would actually prove more popular than mainstream mystery and thrillers. 🙂  The only thing giving erotic romance a run for its money is Hugh Laurie – but that could be related to romance somehow for many.  LOL  Just goes to show, you never know.


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