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February 14, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: Single White Vampire by Lynsay Sands

Just let me start by saying I’m no fan of vampire novels. Yes, I read several of the Sookie Stackhouse novels years ago, but lost interest. In general, I’ve avoided the whole shape-shifter, vampire, Fey genre. After a number of disappointments with my favorite mystery and thriller authors, and tired of usual romance novels, I looked around and found several ‘erotic’ romance authors that write really fun books with good stories. My favorite is Christine Warren, whose early books were published by Ellora’s Cave as the Fantasy Fixed series and who now writes this continuing story as The Others series in mainstream for St Martin’s Press. Thanks to Amazon’s recommended feature, while buying everyone of her Others books, I found Lynsay Sands.  I liked the reviews and outline for Single White Vampire and thought I’d give her a try and I’m glad I did!

Lucern Argenaue is a rather formal, austere, reclusive, crotchety member of the extensive Argeneau clan of vampires – or immortals, as they prefer. An author of a couple of scholarly books on Medieval history, he decides to write the true stories of the recent ‘matings’ of two members of his family. To his chagrin, tales become hugely popular vampire romance bestsellers. To make things worse, his old editor dies and he now has a new, young, ambitious – and very determined – female editor who is insisting he do some publicity and promotion activities. His refusals – succinct “no”‘s – brings Kate C. Leever to his doorstep in Toronto mansion, bag in hand.

What transpires is a battle of wills, manners and reluctant attraction. By turns baffled, frustrated and attracted to his editor, he reluctantly asks for help from his family. This leads to a really funny scene at a family wedding where the ‘guys’ all leave the reception and go to Bastien Argeneau’s car for some much needed blood. Kate goes looking for Luc and finds them out behind the hall furtively huddled around Bastien’s car trunk. The men immediately begin hiding the evidence of blood bags and just acting like guys caught doing something naughty. Kate leaps to the conclusion they are sneaking some pot.

The books moves really well up to the point where Luc goes to the romance convention.  It’s here that Kate finally learns her prize author is also a vampire – who occasionally gets really hungry.  Kate handles it well when Luc tells her that vampires are actually Atlanteans, former denizens of Atlantis, who have bio-engineered nanos in their blood that keep them forever young and in peak health.  The nanos need blood for fuel to replicate and repair the host, so that why they drink blood – though now from bags, no people – well, except in an emergency.  There are a couple of rather contrived scenes (a codpiece stuck in the table cloth) that are a bit much, but overall, this is a really fun romance.

The Argeneau clan is extensive and I’ve read a number of the other books.  So far they’ve all been at least good – nothing less than a B-, but this one and 2 others were among the best.  The book is a reissue of a book released in 2003.

My Grade: A-

Who would enjoy this book: Romance readers who enjoy a good laugh.  Rated PG-17 to me.


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