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February 6, 2009

Welcome to Tour’s Books

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I’ve spent decades reading more books than I care to count. I even spent several summers working in the library when in my teens and the habit of reading, already firmly ingrained, became a lifelong love. At home, I am surrounded by books. They fill shelves and tables and get piled into bags to passed on for others to enjoy. My favorites stay with me, read and re-read till I can almost recite them by heart – and when the book is falling apart, replaced by another copy! The power of the written word to stir our imaginations, our emotions, our spirits, is unlimited. For me, the greatest invention ever is movable type – and Gutenberg forever changed the world setting ideas free to the masses.

My taste in books is wildly eclectic, but I love a good mystery, well written historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy, romance – from Regency to romantic suspense – even erotic romance, espionage, and thrillers/suspense novels. Well done non-fiction is always around as well. I have been sharing my books and my opinions for a long time, so I figured I just have a blog where I can offer my view on what’s good and bad – for me anyway.

There are a lot of book blogs out there and many authors maintain blogs as well – though I do wish some didn’t as they seem to lose a lot of their luster when they behave badly or use them as political soapboxes. Still, what I care about is their books and how much I do, or don’t, enjoy them.

Hope you find something of interest here – old books, classic books, new books and everything in between. Welcome to Tour’s Books!



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